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Need A Dallas Private Detective?

Sometimes you need help that law enforcement cannot provide. When it comes to a whole series of tasks, we rely on the private eye. Immortalized in film as the gruff and troubled protagonist, we often have a romanticized view of what PIs are like.

Simply put, there is a big difference between the PI on the screen and the PI you are looking to hire.

With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review what you should look for when hiring a private investigator Dallas. We will begin by dispelling a few myths regarding the profession and then get into the specifics regarding what you can look for in terms of specific cases.


Being A Cop Doesn’t Necessarily Make Them A Good PI


Having a past as a cop doesn’t necessarily make the person a better PI. It is commonly assumed that a PI will benefit from previously being in the force by knowing people as well as how things are done. However, a PI that was previously a law enforcement official will have a very particular way of approaching their job. This may include the ‘guns blazing,’ loud role up, and confrontational approach that may work well for a cop but poorly for a citizen whose profession may be to find missing persons. Now military, on the other hand, will make a better PI as they have certain skills in protecting themselves and being competent if a situation turns sour. So if you have the choice, go with a PI with a military background over a cop background.


Investigation Company


When it comes to hiring a PI company in Texas, many people assume that they will be working with a single individual. However, many detectives actually work in larger companies. Private detectives do this to make the job more affordable. Any PI worth their salt will have to pay insurance for their occupation, meaning that it makes more sense to collectivize in a business rather than go in it alone, due to cost. Dallas business regulations don’t make it easier for single practices either. A PI company will provide a lot of talent; have more resources available at your disposal, and even additional talent depending on the nature of your task. While figuring out the best way on how to catch a cheater may only require a single person, conducting extensive background checks or doing things like GPS tracking and missing persons cases will benefit from having more than one person on the job.


Hire A Private Eye That Specializes In What You Are Looking For


Like in many other professions, detectives will specialize in particular kinds of activities depending on what they are good at. For example, you can find private eyes specifically covering workers compensation claims, who are good at conducting the kind of surveillance required. So, if you want someone for a missing persons case, for a child custody case, for background checks, or more, then consider reviewing the PIs beforehand to see where their specialties lie. Sometimes the specialty will be listed on the website.


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Services Include, But Not Limited To:


1. Background Checks

Background checks require specific skills on the part of your PI and are easy enough to be done by a professional. Background checks can take many different forms. First, they can request a background check through government means, drawing up any useful information. Second, they can use contacts that they have to acquire information indirectly. Third, they can utilize tried and true techniques that they will explain during the consultation period prior to you hiring their services. Either way, when it comes to finding a PI for background checks, find someone who has a plan and can tell you the ways they will go about gathering information.


2. How To Catch A Cheater

How to catch a cheater requires hiring a PI in Dallas who is (more than anything else), capable of staying on the job. The answer to catching a cheating spouse is surveillance. You require photographic or video evidence of what is happening in order to be successful. That requires a Dallas detective who is capable of dealing with the boredom of waiting patiently for something to happen. Ask your PI how they handle the boredom and how they record the cheater.


3. Divorce

Child custody investigations by a PI typically happen prior to a court deciding who gets custody. It is done by one or both sides to get evidence on their fellow spouse to make a case for why they should get primary custody instead. Child custody cases require getting a TX PI that you can trust and be open with. You will need to tell them details regarding your partner. The better the quality of information you provide to them, the better they will be able to do their job. Look for a PI who is willing to listen to you, who asks you a lot of questions, and who works with you to get the information you need.


4. GPS Tracking

More than other forms of PI tracking, GPS tracking services require that your Dallas detective has the technology to get the job done. Along with the right tech, they must also have the knowledge of how the technology operates, how to troubleshoot problems on the go, and potential alternatives to tracking if and when necessary. Ask your PI what type of tracking technology they use. If you are unfamiliar with the technology, then research it yourself after you meet and before you accept their services. You will be able to see for yourself whether or not the tech is right for the job at hand.


5. Missing Persons

Missing persons cases will require all of the skills listed above and more. Having a trained and professional detective will be crucial to finding your missing person. Go with a person who already has experience in this regard. If they specialize in it, then even better. In addition, have them list for you, their methodology for finding and tracking people.



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