Fed Up and Headed to Tallahassee (Catherine Price for FL Senate 26)

It has been a year since Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel to investigate Russia ties to the Trump campaign.

We have had four indictments and five guilty pleas, including top Trump campaign officials now cooperating as witnesses.

Republicans are using the anniversary as an excuse to shut down the investigation, but the work has just barely begun.

Sign the petition: Mueller investigation must proceed unabated. The work is simply too crucial.

Yes. I am fed up with Florida State Legislators that are more interested in making a show for reelection than in talking to constituents and understanding the true needs in the community. We need jobs. But to have good jobs we need enough teachers to educate and we need dollars to provide school supplies. People cannot work if they are sick and they cannot access the most basic healthcare services. This represents lost human potential and lost productivity to families. We need clean water and green space to recharge or aquifer systems. My campaign is about the people that live in District 26 (southern part of Polk County; Hardeee, Highlands, Okeechobee, Desoto, Glades Counties; much of Charlotte County and a little piece of northern Lee County).

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