San Jose California Restaurants That Should Be On Your Radar

It’s time to take a look at a few more restaurants in San Jose, California. What brings you to San Jose? Maybe you’re there on business, or perhaps you are enjoying a family vacation. Have you been to other cities in California? You’re definitely going to enjoy your stay in San Jose, and these four restaurants are places that you might want to pay a visit while you are there.

Zona Rosa is one of those four restaurants, and it is found on The Alameda. One reviewer talks about the guacamole dip containing bacon bits and nuts. That’s a little different, and in case you haven’t picked up on what you are in for, get ready to enjoy some delicious Mexican dishes. It looks like people really love this place, and it is one of the best establishments for getting Mexican cuisine in all of San Jose.

Dry Creek Grill is the next place, and it is located on Hamilton Avenue. I’m not sure I would be up for the beet salad, but there are other great salads to try. Plus, it’s a great place to get steak and plenty of other delicious foods. People talk about this place having a great atmosphere, too, which always makes a restaurant experience more fun.

One thing you will notice is that there are lots of seafood restaurants in San Jose, too. For example, another top establishment I noticed was called The Fish House. Let’s look at a place though called Poor House Bistro. It has an interesting name, and I am wanting to see what is served up there. The restaurant looks really cool, too, from the outside, and you can find it on South Autumn Street. How would you like some Cajun fries, a muffaletta or blackened chicken wings? There are all kinds of great foods served up there.

We have time for one more restaurant, and it is Deluxe Eatery. This establishment is located on East San Fernando Street, and people say it is a good place for both breakfast and brunch. Depending on what meal you are about to eat right now and what fits your taste buds, you have four great restaurants to choose from. Get ready to enjoy some delicious foods, and make sure you check back for more restaurant recommendations. Enjoy that vacation in San Jose, California, and be sure to check out other great cities in that state as well.

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